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relative clauses exercises

alt : relative-clauses-exercises.pdf Alejandro English Teacher 1 Relative clauses exercises Alejandro English Teacher 2 Alejandro English Teacher 3 Alejandro English Teacher 4 Alejandro English Teacher 5 Alejandro English Teacher 6 Match the beginnings and endings of these sentences. 1. Monica bought a dress 2. A graphologist is a person 3. That’s the girl 4. I like people 5. I prefer to wear clothes 6. June is the month a. who have got a sense of humour. b. where I got my computer c. that are comfortable. d. who analyses handwriting. e. whose cousin lives next door to me. f. which cost €120. Rewrite the sentences using who, which, that, where or when. More than one pronoun may be possible. 1. That boy lives next door to me. That’s the boy 2. All my family gets together at Christmas. Christmas is the time 3. Chris had an accident here. This is the place 4. I admire Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a person 5. James enjoys reading interesting books. James enjoys reading books 6. This is the broken chair. This is the chair Are the relative pronouns necessary? Write Yes or No. 1. The people who live next door are doctors. _____ 2. I’ve just seen the boy who you used to go out with. _____ 3. This is an album which I really like. _____ 4. This is the hotel that we stayed in. _____ 5. He’s the teacher who gives us the most work. _____ 6. The food that they gave us tasted horrible. _____ 7. I like films which are not violent. _____ 8. The girl who you said was Italian is Greek. _____ 9. Where’s the shirt which I bought yesterday? _____ 10. She’s the woman who teaches us History. _____ 11. The photos which I took on holiday are great. _____ 12. I need somebody who can help me. _____ 13. Was the film which you say interesting? _____ 14. Ruth is staying in a place which has got a beach. _____ Alejandro English Teacher 7 Join the sentences using a non-defining relative clause. 1. Caitlin is brilliant at maths. She’s got an ‘A’ last year. 2. The shop sells good clothes. It is near the library. 3. The film comes out in December. It stars Keanu Reeves. 4. Paula can snowboard very well. Her dad is a ski instructor. 5. My uncle lives in France. He visits us every year. Rephrase the sentences beginning as shown. 1. I sent something to you. Did you receive it? Did you 2. I couldn’t buy the book. You recommended it to me. I 3. My sister didn’t want to go to bed. She had been waiting for the party all day. My sister 4. Pamela has just met the boy. She asked you for his phone number. Pamela 5. Sarah introduced me to her brother. I was looking forward to meeting him. Sarah 6. Alex Crivillé has finished second in the World Championship. His team mate Mike Doohan has been his only rival. Alex 7. The little girl appeared among the bushes. We had been looking for her. The little 8. Your friend Mike ran over a little girl. She’s my neighbour’s daughter. The little girl 9. Uncle George didn’t want to come with us. We had taken him to town. Uncle George 10. Andrew showed me some photographs. I recommended you to see them. I 11. I have just met the writer. You asked me for her birthplace. I Alejandro English Teacher 8 12. Mr Álvarez Cascos has just remarried. He is the Vice- President of Spain. Mr Álvarez 13. Your sister has told me about her wedding. I gave her a lift to the station this morning. Your sister 14. Someone says you are going to sell the house. You lived there for years. Someone says 15. The doctor has given me some pills. They will help me to overcome this bad cold I’ve got. The pills 16. She didn’t have time to buy the drinks. You asked her for them. She 17. The criminal has finally been arrested. The police found his car near the library. The criminal. 18. The church was built hundreds of years ago. My best friend got married there. The church 19. Here comes Michael Springer. I mentioned him to you the other day. Here comes 20. She was telling me something, but I didn’t understand it. I didn’t 21. That is the young lady. Your brother is in love with her. That is 22. Theresa brought something for me, but I haven’t been able to find it. I haven’t 23. I don’t know what I have done with the money. You gave it to me. I don’t know 24. My father works in a factory. It is very unhealthy. The factory 25. The house has just been rebuilt. My grandparents used to live there. The house 26. You can see a man climbing the garden wall. He has escaped from the asylum. The man Alejandro English Teacher 9 27. Miguel Gila has now a programme on TV. He is the best representative of absurd humour. Miguel 28. I met a beautiful girl this morning. She asked me to give you this letter. A beautiful girl 29. The people had been at a party all evening. Their daughter phoned us for help. The people 30. Where do you get those nice presents? You buy them for your friends. Where 31. My next door neighbour has had a car accident. He has been taken to hospital. My next door neighbour 32. The man is now thought to be guilty. The judges left him free yesterday. The man 33. I have just been visiting the village. I was born there. I have 34. Miguel Indurain has decided not to compete any more. He has been the best Spanish cyclist of all times. Miguel 35. Nobody has ever seen the man. Jennifer gave him some clothes this morning. Nobody 36. My mother would like to meet the novelist. You bought his latest work last week. My mother 37. The year was 1996. Some of the most terrible catastrophes happened then. 1996 was 38. The man has just bought his train ticket. He is standing near the exit door. The man 39. Mum asked you for something. Did you bring it? Did 40. That is the tree. I picked some apples from it. That is 41. Here are the parcels. Mr Morgan was looking for them this morning. Here are Alejandro English Teacher 10 42. I bought a house. It was advertised in the local paper. I bought a house 43. Mary works in our office. Her husband is a plastic surgeon. Mary 44. Venice is a wonderful place. We spent our last holiday there. Venice 45. He showed us how to create a computer-based game. It was very interesting. He 46. I've just finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It is an amazing book. I’ve just finished 47. That's the boy. I told you about him last night. That’s the boy 48. They've sold the house. I wanted to buy it. They’ve sold 49. Helen has just arrived. She had a car accident. Helen 50. They've sold the grocery. I used to go shopping there. They’ve sold 51. My sister has won a DVD player. Her children love watching films. My sister 52. There's the lady. Her dog was killed. There’s the lady 53. I have a friend. He's a wonderful skater. I have a friend 54. The boy broke the window. He ran away. The boy Alejandro English Teacher 11 Non-help rephrasing exercises. 1. Scrabble is a very enjoyable game. I play Scrabble every weekend. 2. Camilo José Cela died a few months ago. He wrote Viaje a La Alcarria. 3. Vielha is a nice village in the Pyrenees. I usually spend my summer holidays there. 4. He received the parcel. He was waiting for it. 5. Robert Graves wrote I Claudius. He used to live in Majorca. 6. We went to the National Gallery in London. It was fascinating. 7. I remember those days. We were so happy then. 8. She hasn't got anything to do. This makes her angry. 9. Pete has become a singer. You met him last year. 10. Terenci Moix didn't like publicity. His novels were best-sellers. 11. The mountain is 3000 metres high. They climbed it. 12. I was happy to see my friend. He has been living in London for three years. 13. We have visited Tarragona. There are many Roman remains there. 14. He has lost the ring. Everyone admired it. 15. She finally passed the driving test. It made her very happy 16. Do you know the exact date? We are going to meet then. 17. He's the man. They were talking about him. 18. He broke a cup. It was made of Bohemian glass. 19. Jane has been sacked. You met her last Sunday. 20. Michael has been promoted. This made him very happy. Alejandro English Teacher 12 21. The school bell went off unexpectedly. It was repaired last week. 22. She doesn't know the man. We are talking about him. 23. We went to a restaurant. They serve excellent fish there. 24. Mary forgot to post the letters. She's my secretary. 25. Elizabeth George is an excellent writer. Her novels are best-sellers. 26. I forgot to print the article. I wrote it last night. 27. I refused to say anything about it. It was quite sensible. To download the pdf, simply point your cursor to the pdf above: 1) wait for the download button to show up at the top. OR 2) right click your mouse, then click "save as".