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present continuous tense 1

alt : present continuous tense 1.pdf We use "present continuous" when we talk about events that are going on at the time of speaking. Examples: Look! The girl is riding her bicycle. / I am having my breakfast at the moment.I can't come out. / The students are writing the summary of the reading text now. / Be quiet! The baby is sleeping. We use "present continuous" when we talk about a period of time close to present. Examples: Our football team isn't playing well this season. / She is preparing the project today. / We're having a lot of meetings this week. / Mark is working in China this month. 1.You can't talk to Janet now.She ____________ in her bedroom. 2.Look at the weather.It __________ .Take your umbrella with you. 3.The children __________ a cartoon on TV now. 4.She __________ to music and __________ in her room at the moment. 5.Oh,Mary! Where __________ ? To school or tothe library? 6.Larry and Peter __________ hamburgers and __________ coke in the school cafeteria now. 7.My mother __________ the dishes and my sister is __________ her in the kitchen at the moment. 8.I'm __________ for my university exam this year 9.We __________ in the lake at the moment.The water is warm and nice. 10.Helen __________ problems with her classmates this semester.Nobody likes her. 1.I'm in a very big forest now.The birds ________ (sing) and the ants __________ (carry) food. 2.Sally __________ (dry) her hair now. 3.Two men __________ (walk) in the street now. 4.Brian __________ (play) the guitar at the moment. 5.Steven and Rachel __________ (cook) the dinner in the kitchen.It smells wonderful. 6.My father __________ (read) his newspaper and my mother __________ (write) a letter to her sister at the moment. 7.You're __________ (study) hard this term. 1. a lorry / man / a / now / drive / tall _______________________________________ 2. clean / her / at the moment / Mrs.Gatsby /house _______________________________________ 3.internet cafe / go to / the children / now _______________________________________ 4.water / in the garden / my father / the flowers _______________________________________ 5.letter / I / my aunt / at the moment / write _______________________________________ 6.dolls / play / Susan / with / home / at / now _______________________________________ 7.park / Clark / car / in the / his / at the moment _______________________________________ 8.on / the baby / sit / the floor / play / and / now _______________________________________ 9.nice / a / tell / the teacher / story / now _______________________________________ / read / in the / Betty / a book / library _______________________________________ 11.barn / milk / Fanny / now / the cows / in the _______________________________________ 12.iron / I / shirts / at the moment / and / ties _______________________________________ 13.the zoo / watching / we / in / the animals / now _______________________________________ 14.the letters / now / deliver / the postman _______________________________________ 8.Look! The Browns __________ (move) to another city.Let's go and help them carry the furniture. 9.The children __________ (play) in the garden. 10.Our boss __________ (have) a meeting at the moment.Can you wait for a short time? 11.I __________ (solve) a very difficult Maths problem.I can't listen to you at the moment. 12.The girls __________ (organize) a surprise party for Joseph at the moment. 13.Be careful! A dog __________ (run) toward us. 14.Don't make noise! The teacher __________ (talk) about an important subjec.t Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved. To download the pdf, simply point your cursor to the pdf above: 1) wait for the download button to show up at the top. OR 2) right click your mouse, then click "save as".