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alt : elementarysubjectpronounsandpossessiveadjectivesexercises.pdf Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives. Exercises. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. 1. Where are (you) ______ friends now? 2. Here is a postcard from (I) ______ friend Dees. 3. She lives in England now with (she) ______ family. 4. (He) ______ wife works in Tilburg. 5. (He) ______ company builds websites. . Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives. 1. Joanie is (John and Nancy) ______ daughter. 2. Our names are Kathy and Robin. This is (Kathy and Robin) ______ mother. 3. Jeremy and Valerie are (Tim and Carey) ______ parents. 4. Tony is (Mary) ______ grandson. 5. My name is Annie. This is (Annie) ______ father. 6. (Alex) ______ name is Alex. 7. Peggy and Martin are (Kelly) ______ children. 8. Your name is Greg. They are (Grey) ______ parents. Use the correct possessive adjectives. 1. Is this _______ (you) house? 2. Robert, _______ (you) handwriting is difficult to read. 3. Michael is showing _______ (he) tortoise to _______ (he) friends. 4. My sister lost _______ (she) way in the city. 5. The lion is chasing _______ (it) prey. 6. The dentist asked _______ (he) patient to open _______ (she) mouth. Use the correct possessive adjectives. 1. Is this Jane’s dog? Yes it is ______ dog. 2. The dog is chasing ______ own tail. 3. Peter, is ______ father at home? 4. I am going to ______ aunt’s house this evening. 5. Rudy is showing ______ stamps to Ali. 6. We always keep ______ classroom clean. 7. Children, have you all finished ______ homework? 8. The children are proud of ______ school. Replace the subject pronouns by a possessive adjective. 1. My uncle’s name is Jack. ______ name is Jack. 2. Toby and Fran’s brother is in France. ______ brother is in France. 3. My mum’s car is a Seat. ______ car is a Seat. 4. My brother’s bicycle is blue. ______ bicycle is blue. 5. I’ve got my sister’s books. I’ve got ______ books. 6. Where are Paul and Nick’s books? Where are ______ books? Use the correct possessive adjectives. 1. I give _______ (I) sandwich to John. 2. In this _______ (you) desk? 3. Alan crashes _______ (he) bike into a wall. 4. Rosa keeps _______ (she) house very clean 5. The dog was licking _______ (it) paws. 6. There’s a snake in _______ (we) garden. 7. Susan and Peter have invited me to _______ (they) party. Choose the correct words. 1. My / I name is Louise. 2. Her / She sister is my English teacher. 3. We /Our parents are from London. 4. Your / You are my best friend. 5. Their / They live in Australia. 6. He / His is interested in computers. Complete the text. 1. I’ve got a sister. _____ name is Hazel. 2. _____ ´s fifteen and _____ likes music. 3. I like music too. _____ favourite band is Goldplay. 4. I’ve also got two brothers. _____ names are Billy and Tom. 5. Billy likes football. _____ favourite team is Manchester United. 6. Tom doesn’t like sport. _____ prefers computer games. 7. _____ ´ve got a dog. She’s big and _____ name is Jane. Use the correct possessive adjectives. 1. Pedro and Isabel are Spanish. ______ family is from Spain. 2. Juan is not at school. ______ father took him to the doctor. 3. Beatriz is married. She showed us ______ ring today. 4. Jorge has a car. ______ car is new. 5. There are many student’s at school. ______ school as 500 children. 6. Jose and Maria are dancers. ______ older brother is a singer. 7. Pepe and I have an English class together. ______ teacher is Ms. Smith. 8. Juanma has a van. ______ van is very old. 9. Silvia is wearing a dress. ______ dress is yellow. 10. My family has a dog. ______ dog’s name is Lady. 11. The teacher told me not to bring ______ cell phone to school. 12. When I was in France last year I stayed at ______ father’s house. 13. Elizabeth has a skateboard. ______ skateboard is blue. 14. Peter is Dutch. ______ family is from Amsterdam. 15. I have one sister. ______ name is Debbie. 16. I have a pen. ______ pen is red. 17. Nacho forgot ______ book. 18. Luis and Miguel talk like ______ father. 19. Alex and I were late for ______ class. 20. Princess Leticia is wearing ______ new Chanel glasses. 21. Where are ______ keys? I can’t find them. 22. Where do you keep ______ money, in the bank? 23. Ana sees ______ mother every day. 24. The cat eats ______ food quickly. 25. We bring ______ books to class. Use the correct possessive adjective. 1. Javi and Jesus are in ______ (they) car. 2. Mayte is washing ______ (she) clothes. 3. Paula is drinking ______ (she) drink. 4. Is this ______ (I) food? 5. I am working on ______ (I) website. 6. You can give the dog ______ (it) bone. Use the correct subject pronoun. 1. Jesus is not English. _____ is Spanish. 2. Tony and Lisa are in love; _____ are going to get married. 3. This is my first job. _____ am very exited. 4. Have _____ seen my new car? No I haven’t. 5. _____ am going home this weekend. 6. Will you look after our hamster please? _____ will need food and water. Use the correct possessive adjectives. 1. The clothes belong to Peter. It’s _______ (he) clothes. 2. They live on the other side of the street. That’s _______ (they) house, the yellow one. 3. This is _______ (I) new car. I bought it yesterday. 4. Cristina is married. _______ (she) husband is accountant. 5. Paqui is coming to the party _______ (she) boyfriend is staying at home. Use the correct possessive adjectives. 1. She has got a flat. This is _____ (she) flat. 2. Children! Wash _____ (you) hands, they are very dirty. 3. I have seen Sandra’s house. _____ (she) house is beautiful. 4. Don’t put _____ (you) feet on the table! 5. I love to put _____ (I) arm on Ignacio’s shoulder. To download the pdf, simply point your cursor to the pdf above: 1) wait for the download button to show up at the top. OR 2) right click your mouse, then click "save as".