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Informational Passages RC Ice Fishing

alt : Informational Passages RC - Ice Fishing.pdf Name________________ Date________________ “IIccee FFiisshhiinngg” Reading Comprehension – Informational Passages (4) Directions: Read the passage. Then answer questions about the passage below. The first tip for a good day of ice fishing is to wear the right clothes. You should dress in layers. Wear 2 or 3 shirts, so you can take off a layer when you are wa rm. Wear a face mask, a warm hat with ear flaps ov er your ears, and warm gloves and boots. The second tip is to stay warm. Some people put up cloth tteennttss when they go ice fishing. Some people own small ice houses where they can stay warm. You can use a small heater inside the tent or outside on the ice. Be sure to take a hot drink like hot chocolate. You should move around to stay warm. Some people take ice skat es. The third tip is to cchheecckk the ice. Look at it carefully. The ice must be 4 o r more inches thick. This is the ice rule: “Thick and blue, tried and true. Thin and cri spy, way too rriisskkyy.” Thick ice is safe for ice fishing. Thin ice is dangerous. The fourth tip is to take the right tools. You need to drill a hole in the ice with an ice drill. Then make the hole bigger with a chopping tool, like an ax. You n eed to carry your bbaaiitt in a bait bucket. Use worms or small fish for bait. You need a chair to sit on. Take a ffoollddiinngg chair so you can carry it easily. Be sure to take your fish hooks and fishing rod! Pull all your tools on a sled. Tak e your cell phone. You might need to call for help. The fifth tip is to have a great time! QQuueessttiioonnss:: 11)) YYoouu nneeeedd eeaarr ffllaappss oovveerr yyoouurr eeaarrss ttoo…… A. keep water out of your ears. B. protect your ears from noise. C. keep your ears warm. D. Both A and B are correct. 22)) YYoouu sshhoouulldd mmoovvee aarroouunndd ttoo…… A. keep warm in the cold weather. B. keep from falling in the water. C. scare the large animals away. D. make the fish come to you. 33)) HHooww sshhoouulldd yyoouu cchheecckk tthhee iiccee?? A. Look at the ice carefully. B. Chop a hole in the ice. C. Drill a hole in the ice. D. Skate on the ice. 44)) WWhhaatt ccaann yyoouu uussee ffoorr bbaaiitt?? A. Hot chocolate B. Small fish C. Worms D. Both B and C are correct. 55)) HHooww tthhiicckk mmuusstt tthhee iiccee bbee?? A. 2 inches B. 3 inches C. 4 inches D. 5 inches VVooccaabbuullaarryy:: 11)) TTeennttss aarree…… A. hats B. boots C. heaters D. shelters 22)) AAnnootthheerr wwaayy ttoo ssaayy cchheecckk iiss…… A. look over carefully. B. cut with an ax. C. follow the rule. D. use the right tool. 33)) SSoommeetthhiinngg tthhaatt iiss rriisskkyy iiss…… A. safe. B. thick. C. crispy. D. dangerous. 44)) WWhhaatt iiss bbaaiitt?? A. Something the fish want to eat B. A kind of pail or bucket C. Something to sit on D. None of the above. 55)) AA ffoollddiinngg cchhaaiirr iiss aa cchhaaiirr tthhaatt…… A. you should take ice fishing. B. you can fold to make smaller. C. you can carry easily. D. All of the above. To download the pdf, simply point your cursor to the pdf above: 1) wait for the download button to show up at the top. OR 2) right click your mouse, then click "save as".