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Grammar EXTRA NI 4 Unit 3 What a an … sosuch a an … result clauses so such … thatorder of adjectives

alt : Grammar-EXTRA_NI_4_Unit_3_What-a-an-…-sosuch-a-an-…-result-clauses-so-such-…-thatorder-of-adjectives.pdf This page has been \.downloaded from\fmillanenglish.\fo\.m/inspiration © \ba\fmillan Publishers Limited 2\.012. This sheet may be photo\fopied an\.d used within the \fl\.ass. 4 NEW INSPIRATION 4 Grammar EXTRA! W\brksheet 1 3 What (a/an) … , so/such (a/an) … , result clauses\f so/such … that, \brder \bf adjectives 1 Choose the correct word. 1 These shoes are so / such \fomfortable. I love them. 2 This is so / such a \fomfortable bed, let’s buy it. 3 \baria’s so / such a lovely girl. 4 That film was so / such in\fredible. Let’s wat\fh it again. 5 The fish in the sea are so / such amazing. They’re beautiful. 6 Peter’s so / such a fantasti\f tea\fher. I’ve learnt so mu\fh from him. 7 His \far’s so / such huge, eight people \fan get in it. 8 I’m reading so / such a long book that I don’t know when I’ll finish it. 2 Put the adjectives in the correct order and complete the sentences. 1 Do you like my ja\fket? (bla\fk /new/beautiful) 2 He won the lottery and bought an \far. (Ameri\fan/enormous/old) 3 I spent the last two weeks on a bea\fh. (long/white/fantasti\f) 4 She’s got a(n) guitar. (Spanish/in\fredible/old) 5 We had dinner in a restaurant. (small/Russian/unknown) 6 We went to see a film by a film dire\ftor. (Chinese/new/unknown) 7 I must show you my boots. They’re so \fomfortable. (Italian/red/fantasti\f) 8 Have you met his new girlfriend? She’s a model. (tall/Brazilian/beautiful) 3 Each sentence has one mista\fe. Write the correct sentences. 1 What amazing dis\fovery! 2 The mobile was su\fh expensive that I \fouldn’t buy it. 3 I saw a green, beautiful, enormous fish while I was swimming. 4 It was so an interesting book, I want to read it again. 5 What lovely a hat! 6 It was su\fh a good party what we didn’t get home until 3.00am. 7 He was wearing a bla\fk new leather ja\fket. 8 What su\fh an old \far! To download the pdf, simply point your cursor to the pdf above: 1) wait for the download button to show up at the top. OR 2) right click your mouse, then click "save as".