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Grade 3 Fraction Word Problems B3

alt : Grade_3_Fraction_Word_Problems_B3.pdf Online reading & math.14 day free trial. Grade 3 Math Word Problems Worksheet Read and answer each question. Show your work! Fraction Word Problems B3 Holly went to the park one sunny spring morning. There, she observed different people, plants and animals and their behavior. 1. The first animals that she noticed were the noisy ducks. A bunch of them were swimming. If we consider all the ducks in the park as one group and a quarter of them were not swimming, what is the fraction of the ducks swimming in the pond? 2. As she looked around, she saw a group of people eating pizza. They have three whole pizzas each divided into 8 slices. Two guys ate a whole pizza and another 2 slices. Three girls ate one whole pizza and another 3 slices. What fraction of pizza did they eat in total? 3. She also observed the park for some of its plants and trees. If of the park is covered by tall trees, and is covered by smaller trees, what fraction of the park is covered by trees? 4. Holly also spotted some kids playing in the sand box. They divided it into 7 parts. If one kid already occupied two out the seven parts, what fraction of the sandbox is left for the other kids to occupy? 5. Before she left, she saw some raccoons running with some of the cake they took from a picnic basket. If they took servings of cake but dropped of a serving while running, how much is left for the raccoons to eat? Online reading & math.14 day free trial. Answers: 1. Answer: 1 - = - = Around of the duck group was swimming in the pond. 2. Answer: - = The group ate of the pizza. 3. Answer: + = Around of the park is covered by trees. 4. Answer: 1 - = - = The other kids were left with of the sandbox to occupy. 5. Answer: - = or simply The raccoons were left with or servings of cake to eat. To download the pdf, simply point your cursor to the pdf above: 1) wait for the download button to show up at the top. OR 2) right click your mouse, then click "save as".