University Transfer Programs

Many colleges and polytechnics have agreements with universities that certain courses are transferable and will be accepted as credit toward a university degree.

These transfer programmes are very popular since they allow students to finish the first one or two years of a four-year university degree at a community college before transferring to a university to complete the remaining two years.

Reasons why students love this program is beacause of smaller class numbers, better access to professors, lower tuition prices, and a more personal setting. These are all advantages of attending a college. This is especially essential for overseas students, as many of them feel that starting their studies at a college is a very comfortable and supportive alternative before moving on to a university, if that is their objective. They receive the best of both worlds—the benefits of a college education and the benefits of a university degree—in this way.

Business, Commerce, Journalism, Arts, Education, Engineering, Science, and Computer Science are just a few of the university transfer programmes available in Canada.

Some colleges and universities also provide joint certificates and degrees, as well as partnerships with other international organisations. Once agents are aware with a college or university's programmes, the only method for them to learn about such arrangements is to inquire directly with the institution/program.