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Records reveal 20 Manitoba teachers suspended for misconduct, including 14 convicted of sexual offences

Edited on 2019-12-19

At least 20 teachers in Manitoba have been disciplined over the last three years for a variety of charges and convictions, including serious sexual offences such as sexual touching, possession of child pornography, luring a child and sexual assault.
"This is likely the cursory number of cases," said Monique St. Germain, general counsel for the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

According to the Provincial's record, 10 teachers had their teaching certificates revoked permanently between 2016 and 2019. In the other cases, the certificates were suspended. It is unclear how many of the cases involve students, or if the incidents happened inside or outside of campus.
Disciplinary records for teachers have never been reported publicly in Manitoba, but are published online in some provinces, such as Ontario, B.C and Saskatchewan.
"To protect our children, public should be able to acquire disciplinary records, including the teacher's name," said St. Germain.
The Manitoba Teachers Society is against the suggestion.
"Criminal violations of the trust of children are shameful," president James Bedford said in a statement, "but we don't believe having teachers' disciplinary records would serve the public interest nor that of our members."

"Unlike sexual assault," he continued, "almost all the cases MTS committee deals with are minor cases and would be heard in a court of law - in a very public process - with media usually reporting on them."