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Elite Vancouver private school failed to stop student bullying, says B.C. Supreme Court claim

Edited on 2019-12-17

Vancouver couple sues private school, Crofton House, for not protecting their 13-year-old daughter from constant bullying by other students.

"The Crofton student repeatedly told my daughter to get plastic surgery to look more white." claimed Natalie Boll whose daughter is no longer at the school. Her daughter was also attacked in social media. Messages like "everyone at Crofton hates you," "kill yourself" and "drink bleach," were sent to the girl's Instagram account.

Approaching with school officials did not improve the situation, "The school did nothing to stop such racial remarks," Natalie alleges.

Such harassment directly caused the girl to develop suicidal and self harming behaviour. Around the end of September, her daughter was hospitalized after overdosed on Xanax, which was provided by a fellow student to help her from anxiety.

Ena Harrop, head of Crofton House, said the school rejects the allegations. "Crofton House School does not agree with the characterization of events as portrayed in the lawsuit and will provide a robust legal defence of the allegations."