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This adult education program offers free tuition to Vancouverites

Edited on 2020-01-13

Whether you are new to Canada, seeking to improve your English or are working towards a high school diploma, Vancouver School Board's (VSB) Adult Education is now providing people to pursue the future without financial pressure.

With the funding from the Ministry of Education, all the courses are tuition-free for students under 19 or those who have yet to graduate from secondary school. English, Math and Science related courses are also free for graduated adults over 19.

The learning environment is flexible too. Students have options from attending structured classes in the morning, afternoon, evenings or on Saturdays, to picking a self-paced program.

There are three different study locations for students to choose in Vancouver: South Hill Education Centre, Gathering Place Education Centre and if eligible, the Canuck Family Education Centre in Britannia Secondary.