For international students interested in studying in Canada, there are numerous programmes and funding options available, particularly for international students with strong academic credentials or, in some cases, qualified students from specific areas or countries who are eligible for scholarships or other financial aid.

The Canadian government's overseas scholarships page is the first place to check for information. Students and agents can use this online resource to search for potential scholarships based on their nation of origin. Canadian provinces and territories are increasingly implementing their own foreign student scholarship and reward schemes. International students can go to their host province's Ministry of Education website and check for changes here.

Aside from these broad search sites, most post-secondary institutions, as well as certain secondary schools, will provide some form of financial aid to overseas students. Students studying in a certain language or area may be eligible for a reduced tuition rate at certain universities and provincial governments. It will be the agent's and/or the student's responsibility to find out whether there are any scholarships or financing aid opportunities available for the programme or institution in question.

There are two basic approaches to find out if a foreign student is qualified for a scholarship or other financial aid:

By institution: In this situation, the student narrows a list of programme and institution alternatives, after which the agent and/or student examines the school's website (or contacts the school directly) for appropriate financing sources.

By available government funding: student visits the Government of Canada website here, identifies their country of origin, and then evaluates the list of scholarships to which they are entitled.

Scholarships for Graduate Students

For international students of outstanding academic standing at the graduate level in Canada (e.g., master's, PhD, post-doctoral), there is substantial funding/financial aid available. This help might come in the form of:

External scholarships (i.e., scholarships supplied by a third party); Teaching/departmental assistantships; Research funding; University graduate scholarships; External scholarships (i.e., scholarships provided by a third party);
Bursaries (financial need-based awards meant to augment a student's other sources of support).
The value of these prizes will differ greatly depending on the academic field and the school. Agents should contact the colleges that the overseas student is considering for further information.