Online Learning

In Canada, there are options for distant learning and online learning. International students who desire to study in Canada but are unable to do so for whatever reason may be particularly interested in online learning. Students can earn a Canadian degree without ever attending a physical campus.

Canadian Virtual University (CVU) is an association of Canada's leading universities specializing in online and distance education which no longer function, however Former CVU-UVC member institutions remain committed to providing quality educational programming and responding to the needs of learners, as well as providing leadership in e-learning initiatives and online offerings.  

Thompson Rivers University

Open Admission - All persons are eligible for general admission into Open Learning and can apply for course registration
as well as admission into credential programs at any time. Applicants do not require a specific grade point average (GPA) and are not required to submit transcripts from secondary school to be admitted into Open Learning and to register in courses.

Students enrolled in programs offered through Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning (TRU-OL)can maximize their skills and experience through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR),which awards academic credit for non-formal learning and knowledge such as industry-based training,professional development workshops and seminars, private study and work experience. PLAR is aprocess which helps you to identify, describe and document knowledge and learning you havexzdeveloped through work and life experience.

Access Your Education Today
Open Learning means you can begin your education right away. Most courses offered through
TRU-OL are non-paced, meaning students can enrol at any time as there are no fixed start dates.
Student Services Advisors can help you get started by developing educational plans and providing
assistance with regards to:

	 • prerequisites and entrance requirements for specific programs
	 • transfer credit
	 • assessment of informal credit
	 • preliminary program planning
	 • course sequencing and selection
Personal Program Advisors assist students who are enrolled in a program through the entirety of their
program from enrolment to graduation.
Please contact our Advisors at
For more information specific to International Students interested in studying through TRU-OL