Colleges and Institutes

Colleges and institutions (including polytechnics) provide a variety of industry-related and professional degree, diploma, and certificate programmes (see below for some examples). These schools are quite similar to Training and Further EducationTAFE  colleges in Australia, and they tend to emphasise on training and skill development via hands-on experience, frequently with a co-op component in which a real-world work term connected to the study programme counts toward the certification.
To guarantee that curriculum matches in-demand labour market demands, colleges and institutes across Canada collaborate with local companies, communities, and industries. As a result, they provide programming that encourages innovation in a variety of important economic areas. Advanced manufacturing, agri-food, natural resources and clean technology, health and bio science, digital technology, and social innovation are only a few of them. Here are some examples of programmes available to overseas students at Canadian colleges and institutes:

3D computer graphics
Agriculture and agri-food
Aviation and aerospace
Business studies
Broadcasting and journalism
Culinary and nutrition
Digital mapping
Digital media and animation
Early childhood education
Electronic game design
Engineering technology
Environment and natural resources
Genetics technology
Health information management
Health sciences
Industrial education/skilled trades
Information technology
Renewable energies
Social services
Tourism and hospitality